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Murder Mysteries

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Murder Mystery shows are now available for Private Parties or Corporate Events.

Land or Sea! Creatively laced with humor, each event is a guaranteed memorable success. We use Professional Actors including a Spontaneous and Outrageously Funny Detective that will have guests loving every minute of the show.

Looking for a show to attend?  Visit our Dinner-Shows calendar.

Many Themes available:

(Experience the Romance, Intrigue & Thrill of French Morocco 1940)

“Everybody goes to Rick’s” …………..>>>
You’ll meet Casablanca’s strange characters.Maybe get involved … Help the captain of Police solve the crime!
A great night out & a lot of great laughs!(Get some friends together!)Round up the usual suspects!

“Chef of the Century”
(Int’l chefs vie for The Golden Toque Award)

“Death Before Dessert”
(Murder ala Carte….story made to order)

“Murder in Hong Kong”
(Chinese cast of characters & costumes)

“Murder in the Garden of Good & Evil”
(Spoof on famous film)

“Hollywood Glitz”
(Shooting for the Stars! Show Biz theme.)

“1920’s Flapper”
(Uneasy at the Speak-easy. Joe sent me to …!!!)

“Hawaii Five-Oh!”
(Honolulu hula horror.)

“1968 Hippy Yippy”
(Why have all the flowers died!)

“Murdered by the Mob ”
(A killing you can’t refuse!)

“Murder is not Elementary!”
(Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson spoof!)

“April Fools Fiasco”
(Where else would a Nunn, Drag Queen, Pimp, Red Riding Hood and Doctor Feel-Good be?)

“Christmas Conspiracy”
(Santa, Jack Foster, Scrooge, and the Elf,
are up to no good.)

Promotes Team Work, Observing, Listening, Competing and FUN!

All Materials, Sound & Awards are included!

Specially taillored for ALL age groups!


Call us now: (954) 791-7555
Email: Cathy Rollins at [email protected]