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Call us now: (954) 791-7555
Email: Cathy Rollins at [email protected]

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Here at Standing Room Only Productions, Inc, you’ll find the perfect entertainment for a great party or event. After visiting our website, you may even come away with a few really great ideas!

Standing Room Only Productions, Inc.
provides a complete range of professional entertainment for all ages.

We know successful parties and events never happen by chance, they are very well planned! That is exactly what we do and we’re here to do just that for YOU!

Standing Room Only Productions’ complete line of entertainment is perfect for parties of all sizes, including:

Private Parties
Sales Meetings & Team Builders
Country Clubs
Corporate Events
Children’s Parties
Clubs and Organizations

Thanks for visiting us and we hope to hear from you soon!

Call us now: (954) 791-7555
Email: Cathy Rollins at [email protected]